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Laser Therapy

Erchonia PL 5000 Low Frequency Cold Laser 

Dr. Lisa Orwick of Natural Life Chiropractic announces the introduction to her practice of the Erchonia PL 5000 Low Frequency Cold Laser. The considerable research and investment of time and capital by Dr. Orwick, concerns this cutting edge technology of cellular healing. Chiropractic and nutritional approaches to healing remain well ahead of traditional western medicine’s treatment of symptoms, but Dr. Orwick is confident that she has found a tool, which will allow her to help all patients across the board as well as the unresolvable cases. Lasers are painless, sterile, have no undesirable side effects and are much more affordable that

surgery. The new frontiers of Cold Laser treatment will provide as yet unattained results in healing on many levels. After extensive training and study, Dr. Orwick will draw a picture of the future of healing. This article presents a simplified and cursory overview of the quantum physics involved to explain the working of the Cold Laser, an explanation of what it can do for the patient, and finally an estimate of what the cost to you will be. 


Light therapy is not a new concept. The sun’s photonic rays cause a seed to sprout through RNA and DNA changes. The sun’s rays are full spectrum light, which means many wavelengths are present (400-800 Nanometers), but only one specific wavelength, or frequency, causes the seeds to germinate. In 1924 Bose and Einstein, great men of science, predicted the Laser. Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In 1978 Dr. Frolich helped to establish the Wave Particle Theory, which now forms the foundation of quantum physics and defines the mechanism of life, as we now know it. Human cells, tissue and organs have specific frequencies that regulate important cellular functions such as protein synthesis, cellular division and communication. Frolich used quantum physics to explain that a cells living matrix must produce coherent or laser-like oscillations, unique resonance's. He stated that these resonance's serve as signals that integrate processes such as growth, injury repair, immune mediation and the overall functioning of the organism. Each molecule, cell, tissue and organ has an ideal resonance frequency that coordinates its activity. Using certain laser frequencies can alter or balance the body’s systemic defense and repair mechanism. In 1994 Dr. Smith stated that pathologies manifest themselves as chemical imbalances with the underlying cause being electromagnetic. By applying a specific frequency, normal function and balance can be restored. Physicists Schawlow and Townes brought the laser into modern medical arenas, where they are being used for a variety of treatments. Most of the lasers used in the medical field have been High Frequency Hot Lasers, which are catabolic (destructive) in nature such as the ones used in eye surgery. Cold Lasers are anabolic, or regenerative in nature. The Erchonia Laser was the first FDA approved Low Frequency Cold Laser, which provides assurance of its overall safety and effectiveness.
The following are examples of how the Cold Lasers are used: 
To accelerate wound and burn healing, at a rate 25-40% faster and with less scarring. This is an excellent demonstration of external healing reflecting what is happening on the cellular level, where internal healing is often neither seen nor felt.

To treat top athletes in order to return them to competition at a much accelerated pace. If you remember when Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Service team were involved in quite a few bad wrecks, yet they were able to race the next day. According to Jeff Spencer, Armstrong’s chiropractor who treated him with Cold Laser, if an injured athlete can get in for laser treatment within 2-3 hours of the injury, rehabilitation time can be cut in half.

To rehabilitate severed nerve bundles, at a rate of 300% faster than a control group tested in a University of Health and Sciences, Bethesda, MD., (research study conducted by Anders and Broke). This was after only 14 daily, 90 minutes treatments. It suggests promising results will be found in the future for peripheral nerve damage and possible spinal cord injuries.

To inhibit cancer cell growth and, at the same time, enhance healthy cell growth. Research at the University of Munich shows that the Cold Lasers have a bio-modulation effect. The importance of bio-modulation is the ability to inhibit the activity of overactive cells (inflammation) and stimulate under active cells (atrophy), which distinguishes it from the universal damage caused by chemotherapy or radiation.

To increase the range of motion (ROM), to increase muscle strength, to decrease pain and inflammation and to accelerate overall healing time for a variety of injuries. Chiropractors and Physical Therapist are using the cold laser for whiplash-strain-sprain, chronic frozen shoulder, long standing TMJ problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, Fibromyalgia, sinusitis, etc. 
The Erchonia PL 5000 is a low frequency laser, with a very specific (630-640) 635 Nanometer wavelength. The frequencies are the pulsations that can be programmed in by the doctor for different purposes (i.e., muscle growth, inflammation, etc.). The PL 5000 has two laser heads with the capacity to distribute four frequencies at the same time. It uses coherent light, which is light traveling in the same direction at the same wavelength. The human cell functions at 630-640 nanometers (NM). It has been documented that DNA replication occurs at 635 NM, and cellular phagocytosis (cellular housecleaning or detoxification) happens at 634 NM, and that injured neurons (nerve cells) heal best at 635 NM. Most significantly, research shows that every cell has a least three kinds of basic receptors for neurotransmitters (i.e., serotonin, dopamine), hormones (insulin, thyroid, estrogen) and photoreceptors. The laser affects the human cells through the photoreceptors, causing a physiological effect. Nerves, for example, are affected by the temperature, the pH within the cell, the oxygen available, and the amount of ATP (a cellular unit of energy) available. The laser stimulates ATP production and oxygen at a cellular level, which activates enzymatic cascades that help the cell to detoxify itself. All this results in turning on the cells or nerves and setting up an environment in which they function best.

Laser therapy is based on Photochemical and Photobiological effects of the cells and tissues. With laser light, certain cell functions are stimulated especially the increase of a cells ATP (energy). This increase in ATP synthesis is associated with increased cell metabolism; increase collagen synthesis, stimulation of DNA formation, improved immune system function and increased new formation of capillaries. The laser also has been shown to increase neurotransmitters (serotonin), to increase enhance tissue regeneration through increasing fibroblasts and keratinocytes, to increase antioxidants and to accelerate bone and scar healing. Accelerated healing, the primary goal for any kind of injury, is hard to demonstrate in one laser session. However, Dr. Orwick will demonstrate the ability to increase your range of motion (ROM) and increase muscle strength by testing you before and after the laser treatment. The significance of this is more than being able to better check your blind spot while driving. By increasing your ROM, you are preserving the function and structure of your cartilage and discs. Movement brings vital nutrients and fluids to cartilage and discs. The less your neck, spine or joints move, the sooner breakdown begins. Joint degeneration, or cartilage starvation, is osteoarthritis, which can cause considerable pain and is progressive in nature. Disc breakdown is degenerative disc disease. This can cause bone spurs pressing on nerves, causing pain, such as sciatica. The muscle strength test is performed in order to test nerve root function, not just muscle performance. Testing the deltoid strength bilaterally, for example, is evaluating the function of the C5 nerve root. Restored muscle strength actually indicates that the nerve root has been reactivated. With a properly functioning nervous system, balanced muscle strength is available to optimally perform three vital functions. To move the body and joints, to stabilize joints, and to inhibit pain at the spinal cord level. Preliminary results indicate that 98% of Dr. Orwick’s patients experience a noticeable increase in both ROM and muscle strength.

Most protocols are based upon the physiology of certain cell types. For example, skin cells take approximately 28-35 days to regenerate. Therefore, a wound or burn would call for a 3 times a week treatment for 4 weeks, depending on the severity. Muscles regenerate at 6 weeks with a 3 times a week protocol. The protocols are set up on a 3 times a week basis in order to get ahead of the inflammatory cycle. One of the primary benefits of the laser is the ability to short circuit the vicious cycle of instability, which causes pain and limits the necessary exercise to restore stability. In the majority of cases, Dr. Orwick uses the laser for the healing benefits in addition to the synergistic effects it has with other modalities used in the clinic. The results have been so profound that Dr. Orwick has purchased a second laser to be rented to her current patients with severe cases for more frequent home treatments. Patients who have been in auto accidents and have broken bones, surgery patients, reflexive sympathetic dystrophy, severe pain from Degenerative Disc Disease, etc. are prime candidates to use the laser for home treatments. Dr. Orwick has recently started to use a laser protocol to help her patients to stop smoking. 
The laser stand provided is set up on the brain and cervical, thoracic or lumbar vertebrae, while the other laser head is used by the patient to treat the area of involvement. The patients are given very specific instructions, including the proper frequencies for your condition, the specific areas to laser, how often and how long to treat. 
Dr. Orwick looks forward to the future of healing with this new technology and appreciates your taking the time to read this article. If you would like to read more about the laser, she recommends the books:

“Laser Therapy Clinical Practice and Scientific Background”
By Jan Turner and Lars Hode Prima Books, 2002, 1,281 references

“Therapeutic Laser, Theory and Practice”
By G. David Baxter Churchill Livingston, 1999

“Energy Medicine The Scientific Basis” By James L. Oschman PhD
Churchill Livingston 2000

You can also go to for more information. I would like to thank Richard Amy D.C. and Dan Murphy D.C., DAC, BO who professionally lecture on the laser and gathered the majority of this information from many sources, including the 3 given above. Further references can be provided upon request.

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