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Our Practice

Our patients’ needs range from pain management to comprehensive wellness care. For those that seek help with structural integrity, Dr. Orwick has been trained in many chiropractic techniques, physical medicine modalities and therapeutic procedures. Your first visit is at least 1 hour and includes a comprehensive exam, consultation and your first chiropractic adjustment. 

Together we determine the best treatment plan for your needs. For those interested in other areas of Health and Wellness Dr. Orwick is a Nationally Certified Naturopath and uses multiple techniques to help you achieve optimal health naturally.

Chiropractic Techniques Offered by Dr. Orwick 


Diversified - this is general osseous adjusting

Thompson Drop - Gentle table assisted adjusting.

SOT (sacral occipital technique) - which includes blocking and cranial adjustments (subtle movement of the bones of the head and face)

Activator - which is gentle adjusting assisted by a clicking tool used primarily for infants, the elderly, and extremities.

Applied Kinesiology - Muscle testing to determine the kind of adjustment you need.

Upper Cervical - Adjusting the upper neck with a drop table.

Gonstead - which is firm chiropractic adjusting

Adjustor Tool - This is an electro magnetic (tap-tap-tap) tool that allows Dr. Orwick to make adjustments that were not possible before by replacing force with velocity.  It works by stimulating the receptors of the spine. This gentle yet specific adjustment is particularly beneficial for children and elderly patients.

Therapies used by Dr. Orwick

Flexion-distraction table - A moving table that is used to open the spine, making adjusting easier and bringing nutrition to the discs. 

Spinalator table - A table that you lie on and it rolls up your spine. It stimulates the receptors and locks your adjustment into the nervous system. 

Interferential - Electric therapy that relaxes the muscle, gets the swelling out, kicks in your natural pain relief chemicals, (endorphins and encephalin), makes more ATP and protein to expedite healing.

Ultrasound - Sound wave therapy for deep muscle relaxation.

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