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For months I had been off work with difficulties in balance and eye coordination problems for which doctors had no solutions.  Upon the advice of a friend, I consulted Dr. Lisa Orwick.  Through careful analysis and excellent understanding of anatomy, she was able to locate the source of my discomfort.  Her treatments have made it possible for my body to heal itself. I highly recommend her work!
- L. Failmezger


My husband Gary went to visit his parents.  His father, Gabe, has recently had a sharp decline in health, sleeping most of the day, not eating, can hardly focus, and had recently been diagnosed as having Alzheimers.  His doctor said there was nothing he could do to help Gabe.

Gary read the chapter on Alzheimers by Dr. Perlmutter as Dr. Orwick suggested, and encouraged his mother to stop giving his father the "mental clarity" drugs that the doctor had him taking, one drug for about a year now, the other recently prescribed.*

The first day, Friday, that Gary saw his father, Gabe was in bed in fetal position for most of the day and began feeding him Brain Sustain and Greens First.  By Sunday, Gabe was up and dressed and they took a several hour road trip up to the mountains.  Gabe was interactive and talkative most of the time. Gary's mom could hardly believe the change!  The next day, on Monday morning, he got up and dressed himself. The story continues. Thanks, Dr. Orwick for your help once again!
- B. Jilka

* DO NOT remove yourself from medications without the supervision of your prescribing doctor.


I want to tell you all something...... This is the REAL DEAL! Please take a moment to hear my story. I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's Thryoiditis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Pernicous Anemia, and God knows what other Auto Immune disorders with intense and unrelenting pain.... intensly for 8 years and moderately for at least 10 years before. (I remember odd pains and sensitivity to weather as young as 16!)

I began Treatment with Anna B and Lisa Orwick, D.C., just 6 short weeks ago, but it was really a lifetime ago. 12 Days ago, I awoke to a new year and a giant surprise that I have been unable to actually believe until now.... No pain, no fatigue, no 1000 lb. body, no foggy brain, no stiffness, no dread of having to move through life and 'fake' it at meetings, and with family and friends. And, best of all, no RX meds. You see, I was on 6 very heavy meds for 6-7 years, and each time I thought I found something to 'cure' my conditions, I would try to stop the meds, and the horrible pain would return two-fold. On this day, I had no pain. Each day, I expected the horrible withdrawals, pain, anxiety, and symptoms that come from physical dependence on RX medication or the return of my disease. But instead, I steadfastly followed their gentle, but firm directions, and just felt better each day, and I am continuing to heal today.

I can only say that after trying every Western, Eastern, Naturopathic, M.d.'s, Functional Medicine, Meditation, Pain Management, Psychiatry, injections, thyroid concoctions, prayer, and anything you can imagine, some how, like MAGIC, Anna B and Dr. Orwick arrived at the exact formula, and Metabolic Detox that complemented what I was already working on, including metaphysical, and I can say that for the first time in 8 years, I feel like I am back to the woman I always was.

I don't even recognize myself from 6 weeks ago. I can't imagine how my family, friends, and collegues could stand beside me and hold me up! The nutritional support, supplements, and lifestyle/diet changes, truly TRANSFORMED me back to who I was before my disease, and I am forever grateful. It wasn't hard. I had become accustomed to following orders from many 'caregivers' I followed exactly, but never got relief. Often afraid that the pain that continued when I tried to stop meds was withdrawal, I continued on my quest to cure the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. It is the KEY to being well.

Anna B understands from her own journey, and with determined, professional, thoughtful, cautious and scientific methods, Anna B, with Dr. Orwick's help, lead me down the beautiful path to wellness! The beauty of it is that it is HEALTH, not just relief. It's the difference between a photograph and a live human being. I can't say enough about these two wonderful women and what they have dedicate their lives to.

I will forever be grateful for the careful way they guided me to WELLNESS, which I took for granted, as we all do, until I got sick. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have consulted and listened to them 30 years ago. But now, I truly believe I am going to 'get back' those 8 years, if not in length, but absolutely in quality, and more.

With so much gratitude and a heart that is full of respect and love for what they know, and have done for me, I sign with the hope that even ONE person can find their way to the MIRACLE I experienced. Thank you my two angels, and keep up the good work. You change lives, and that must feel good! I can never thank you enough!

-Suz Hayes


I had been living with Chronic Back Pain for over 5 years.  Each year, it had gotten progressively worse and by the time my third child was born, I was in a constant state of pain.  It had finally become unbearable, and I began to look for a solution.  I was so fortunate to find Dr. Orwick and the caring staff of Natural Life Chiropractic.  Within the first two weeks, I had an immediate improvement in my pain level and less than six months later, I was completely pain free!

Dr. Orwick really took the time to listen to me, as well as explain what was going on with my body and how the treatment was working.  I had been to other chiropractors in the past with no significant long term improvement.  The real difference I noticed with Dr. Orwick is that she enables her patients to take an active role in their healing.  She and Anna Burchard showed me things I could do at home to continue my healing and maintain my good health.

I was very interested in the First Line Therapy program for my father, a Type II Diabetic.  He was reluctant to try it out after hearing from plenty of doctors all the things he was doing wrong.  He didn't want another lecture, another "diet", being told to just eat less, exercise more, and lose weight.  After meeting with Anna Burchard, he made the commitment to the program.  She really addressed all the issues that go along with being a diabetic, the emotional and the physical, as well as the physiological.  Within the first week, I noticed a remarkable improvement in his mood and energy level.  As he continues with the program, I see him engaging with the family and taking an interest in life again.  His pain level has improved and he seems hopeful about the future.  It is so wonderful to have my dad back again and I cannot thank Anna and Dr. Orwick enough for the wonderful work that they do!



The Estrium program was recommended to rid my body of the synthetic hormones I had been taking for many years.  To start off the program, I did a seven day cleanse, eating only green vegetables, drinking the Estrium supplement mixed with the UltraMeal 360 plus at every meal along with two Estrovera tablets.  The first two days, it wasn't easy, as my body seemed to crave other foods, but gradually I found my hunger satisfied with the greens and Estrium/UltraMeal drinks.  At the end of the seven days, I had lost 10 pounds with the added bonus that I had no flare ups in my fibromyalgia, my energy level increased and hot flashes were minimal.  After the seven day cleanse, I added foods at recommended intervals.  I am now excluding sugar from my diet while following the Estrium Dietary Guidelines and have lost 5 more pounds.  My goal is to lose another 15 pounds.  My energy level continues to increase and my fibromyalgia and hot flashes continue to be controlled.  My husband was my "cheerleader" during the seven day cleanse.  He went on the cleanse diet with me and he too lost 10 pounds and has a definite increase in his energy level!



I first met Dr. Orwick at the El Tour De Tucson Expo in 2009, thinking I'd be back, someday. But as things went, it took a severe bout of back pain and sciatica from a strenuous bike ride the following April to seek her out. After xrays to rule out any contraindications, I began a stretching, adjustment and various laser, electric stimulator therapies. Within a few visits the pain was manageable and after a few more visits, totally gone. Through Dr. Orwick and her team, I've learned how important stretching before and after exercising can be. I have not had a recurrence of sciatica since.
This past Aug, I was on a 30 mile bike ride and fell into the guard rail of a bridge, out of state, causing a large bruise to my thigh. It was 2 weeks old by the time I saw Dr. Orwick. One laser light treatment had the bruise barely visible and the tissue around it softer within two days. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself.
I now go to Natural Life Chiropractic on a maintenance schedule and have never felt better!

-Barb Sterling

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