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Stop Smoking Program

Package Price—$400
($500 Total Value)

Must be paid in full at the time of registration and is non-refundable
Six Specific Laser Treatments (7 step protocol)
[2 times a week for 3 weeks—$150 value]
Gentle Electric Acupressure Point Stimulation
[2 times a week for 3 weeks—$120 value]
Magnetic Ear Pellets that you will wear home
Detox Footbath
[2 times a week for 3 weeks—$210 value]
Dr. Glen Harold's Hypnosis CD
(to be used daily for 21 days -$20 value)

Please call for more information and to set up your appointments.

Disclaimer: You must have a desire to quit smoking. We have combined 4 therapies to give you the best chance of success, but overcoming an addiction is a complex process. Therefore we do not guarantee success, but are putting you in the best possible position for it.

Stop Smoking Program Protocol

1. An initial evaluation is performed during your first appointment and treatments thereafter are scheduled twice a week for 3 weeks for a total of 6 visits.

2. Laser Treatments are incorporated into the stop smoking protocol targeting neurotransmitters to decrease addictive tendencies.   Patients receive a 7 step laser protocol during each visit with a spinal tapping technique to lock the new information into your nervous system.

3. Each patient experiences the soothing effects of 6 foot detox treatments.  The warm water of the ionic foot bath facilitates the natural detoxification of heavy metals, increases energy, oxygenates the cells in your body, and stimulates the immune system.  The detox foot bath last 23 minutes and provides a perfect opportunity to listen to your hypnotherapy “Stop Smoking Forever CD” mentioned in item #5, please bring headphones.

4.   a.  Each treatment in the office includes a 6 step, gentle electric stimulation of acupressure points to decrease cravings & stimulate lung healing.
     b. You will be treated with small ear pellets that are specifically designed to provide continuous acupressure treatment between each of your in office visits. (Helps you with cravings)

5. You will be given a “Stop Smoking Forever” CD to listen to a minimum of once a day for 21 days. It works on your subconscious mind and is best used at home, lying down, with headphones on and time to relax. Allow approximately 25 minutes and listen to alternating tracts each day.  

Again, we do not guarantee outcomes with this treatment. You have a higher chance of success if you truly are ready to quit smoking and are committed to the above scheduled protocol. We have combined 4 therapies to give you the best chance!

Use the buddy system! You receive $50 off your stop smoking package if you sign up a friend.

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