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Starting the 12 wk FLT


We provide education, support and an individualized program of nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep management. The program will address issues of body composition, cellular health, toxicity, lipid profile and metabolic rates. In order to evaluate your overall unique chemistry and monitor your progress, lab tests and body measurements will be performed before Week 1, again at Week 6, and finally at Week 12.

You may also request the two-page flyer about ‘How The FLT Program Works’ from our front office and view our 11 minute in-office DVD.


Step 1: Make the decision that you are ready to commit to yourself.

Step 2: Set aside the resources and the time to be successful in achieving your goals - a three month period where you and your health are a priority.

Step 3: Schedule a 9:00 am appointment with our front desk to have your clinical lab work performed. Pay for the program and pick up the HAQ, Detoxification, and Health History forms.
Pick up and follow the instructions for lab work and BIA preparation concerning the night before and morning of testing.

Step 4: Arrive at 8:55 am on the day of your appointment with your completed forms and having followed the instructions for the BIA preparation. NOTE: The program cannot start without properly completing the forms and returning them on or before the date of testing. The test results will not be accurate if you do not follow the BIA preparation instructions.

Step 5: After you lab work is performed, set an appointment with Anna and Dr. Orwick for your first consultation and you are ready to go!

By committing to this program, you are taking the first step toward better health!

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