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FLT Overview


The FLT Program contains three sets of lab work performed at the beginning, middle, and end of the program (Approx. Week 1, 6 & 12). Each set of lab work consists of the BIA, HAQ, and blood lipid panel analyses, and the records of health history and body measurements. This specific lab work gives us a unique detailed view of your overall health status at the cellular level and your opportunity to work at prevention before pathology occurs.

Consultations consist of three 20 minute appointments with Dr. Orwick (at Week 1, 6 & 12) and nine 1 hour sessions with Anna Burchard over the course of the twelve weeks. Dr. Orwick will supervise your program, design your supplement plan, and answer any questions concerning complex health issues or lab work results. Anna will go over your test results with you, coordinate your program, and provide information concerning your unique health profile and challenges. She will be your coach and support throughout the 12 weeks while you begin to make lifestyle choices that will change your future well-being.

Clinical Lab Work, Health Questionnaire, and Baseline Measurements

1. Lipid profile - A finger prick blood draw for basic information on cardio-vascular, diabetes, and other chronic disease factors:

• Good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol
• Triglycerides
• Glucose
• Liver enzymes, to check liver function

2. Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA) - measures your body’s electrical reactance and resistance. The measurement provides information for the following analyses:

• Muscle to fat ratio - the Number One marker for anti-aging
• Body Mass Index (BMI) - height to weight ratio, indication your disease risk factors
• Phase Angle - indicates relative cellular age and health
• Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) - indicates your daily caloric requirements
• Relative toxicity and hydration levels

3. Health Appraisal Questionnaire (HAQ) - 6-page questionnaire designed from studies performed at four top universities to subjectively evaluate 30 areas of your body to determine the pre-pathological areas of concern. (The HAQ is also available on our Meta-ehealth site. Click HERE for more detail.)

4. Measurements
• Waist to Hip ratio - #1 Biomarker for metabolic syndrome, CVD, and diabetes risk
• Biceps, chest, thighs to monitor muscle tone and loss of inches

5. Blood Pressures and Pulse - to monitor hypertension and fitness parameters

Initial Consultation - (scheduled one week after testing) The first session is 60 minutes with Life Style Educator Anna Burchard and 20 minutes with Dr. Orwick. Dr. Orwick will prescribe your initial supplementation protocol after evaluating the overview of your current health status. During the first session with Anna, you will review together your test results, determine your health goals and establish your course of lifestyle therapy. Anna will go over dietary recommendations and set up a sample menu plan based upon your metabolic rate and personal goals concerning body composition and fitness.

During your first consultation you will receive the FirstLine Therapy Book, which includes information on a healthy balanced diet (what to eat, how much and how often), daily menu planner, recipes for low-glycemic meals, explanation of nutritional supplementation, proper initial exercise, and recommendations for stress management

Twelve Week Program
Your FLT Program will be under the supervision of Dr. Orwick. Patients will meet with her during the first, sixth and twelfth weeks for specific pertinent education regarding their prescribed nutritional supplementation regimen.

First Six Weeks - patients will meet weekly with Anna Burchard, Lifestyle Educator, for education, coaching and support of the planned lifestyle modifications. Making these lifestyles changes requires that we provide you with the knowledge you need to make healthy choices. Therefore, weekly sessions will cover the following issues:

  • how to manage stress and time

  • what you’re eating now

  • how to shift to low-glycemic foods

  • how to get enough sleep

  • how to build a healthy relationship with food

  • how to overcome challenges

  • how to start exercising safely

  • how to stay on course to achieve your goals

Dependent upon your specific health challenge, education topics may include:

  • blood sugar metabolism

  • healthy bone maintenance

  • detoxification

  • healthy digestion

  • body composition

  • hormonal balance

  • anti-inflammatory strategies

  • anti-aging strategies

Second Six Weeks - Anna will meet with patients every other week to fine-tune your meal program, address new priorities set forth as a result of the sixth week testing, help resolve any new challenges, and continue personal training.

Twelve Week Re-test - After documenting and celebrating all of your progress, a maintenance program will be prescribed to ensure that your health improvements are maintained.

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